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Traits allow you to improve your critters combat values by the use of skill points. The following table contains a list of currently known traits.

Name Effect From
Accurate To hit +16% (+6%/lvl) Gene Splicer (Hornet), Hornet
Aggressive Aggresive towards others +0,2 (+0,3/lvl); Physical damage +4% (+1,5%/lvl) Crocodile, Dragon, Goat Horns, Gorilla, Wolf
Agile Evade +16% (+6%/lvl) Gene Splicer (Mantis), Mantis
Anemic Restores HPs -20%; Hunger -4% (-1,5%/lvl) Wolf
Antidote Dispel ignited, frozen, poisoned, electrocuted +16% (+6%/lvl) Spider
Barren Extractions -50%; Max level +1 (+1/lvl) Dragon, Owlbear
Brilliant Forget duration +16% (+6%/lvl) Fish
Bruiser Physical damage +4% (+1,5%/lvl) Gene Splicer (Gorilla), Gorilla, Mammoth
Clone Restores happiness +4% (+1,5%/lvl)
Close-minded Duration -20%; Dispel +16% (+6%/lvl) Mammoth
Clumsy To hit -20%; Physical damage +4% (+1,5%/lvl)
Confusing Confusion duration +16% (+6%/lvl)
Conjurer Duration +16% (+6%/lvl) Gene Splicer (Calamari)
Cunning Max PPs +4% (+1,5%/lvl); Bonuses duration +8% (+3%/lvl) Hydra
Depressive Restores happiness -20%; Dispel positive conditions +16% (+6%/lvl)
Dispeler Dispel +16% (+6%/lvl) Gene Splicer (Crocodile)
Dumb Max PPs -20%; Condition resistance +16% (+6%/lvl) Antlers, Fish
Energetic Max stamina +1; Hunger -4% (-1,5%/lvl) Bird Tail, Hydra
Environment affinity (air) Environment affinity +0,16 (+0,06/lvl); Nature damage absorption +5, +8% (+3%/lvl); Thunder vulnerability +47,5% (-2,5%/lvl) Bird, Hornet, Moth
Environment affinity (ground) Environment affinity +0,16 (+0,06/lvl); Thunder damage absorption +5, +8% (+3%/lvl); Fire vulnerability +47,5% (-2,5%/lvl) Gorilla, Lizard, Mammoth, Mantis, Owlbear, Raptor, Spider, Wolf
Environment affinity (water) Environment affinity +0,16 (+0,06/lvl); Fire damage absorption +5, +8% (+3%/lvl); Ice vulnerability +47,5% (-2,5%/lvl) Crustacean, Fish, Walrus
Ephemeral Max level -20%; Extractions +16% (+6%/lvl) Gene Splicer (Moth), Moth
Evil All damage +1% (+1%/lvl); Max PPs +1% (+1%/lvl); Jealousy +50% Dragon Horns, Dragon Wings
Feeble Physical damage -20%; Evade +16% (+6%/lvl) Lizard
Fertile Extractions +16% (+6%/lvl) Toad, Gene Splicer (Toad)
Fiery Fire damage absorption +10, +8% (+3%/lvl); Ice vulnerability +47,5% (-2,5%/lvl)
Flimsy Physical parry -20%; To hit +16% (+6%/lvl) Bird
Frail Max HPs -20%; Max PPs +8% (+3%/lvl)
Good Max HPs +4% (+1,5%/lvl); Dispel +8% (+3%/lvl); Jealousy -4% (-1,5%/lvl) Angel Wings, Unicorn Horn
Glacial Ice damage absorption +10, +8% (+3%/lvl); Fire vulnerability +47,5% (-2,5%/lvl)
Healer Restores HPs +8% (+3%/lvl) Angel Wings, Lizard
Healthy Restores health +8% (+3%/lvl) Mantis
Hexer Deteriorations duration +16% (+6%/lvl) Crustacean, Gene Splicer (Crustacean)
Holy Dispel negative conditions +16% (+6%/lvl) Gene Splicer (Raptor), Moth
Immunized Condition resistance +8% (+3%/lvl); Dispel +8% (+3%/lvl) Lizard
Jealous Jealousy +100%; Physical damage +4% (+1,5%/lvl) Crocodile, Lion's Tail
Jovial Restores happiness +8% (+3%/lvl) Owlbear
Lethal Max HPs -20%; Physical damage +8% (+3%/lvl) Raptor
Liberator Dispel shackles +16% (+6%/lvl) Bird
Long-lived Max level +2 (+2/lvl) Gene Splicer (Dragon)
Lucky Luck +16% (+6%/lvl) Gene Splicer (Bird)
Mutant Elemental damage absorption +5, +4% (+1,5%/lvl)
Nimble Evade +8% (+3%/lvl); To hit +8% (+3%/lvl) Bird, Hornet, Insect Wings, Moth
Ogrish Hunger +16% (+6%/lvl); Max HPs +8% (+3%/lvl) Dragon, Gene Splicer (Wolf), Raptor
Optimist Bonuses duration +16% (+6%/lvl) Tortoise
Pacifist Tolerates other creatures +0,2 (+0,1/lvl); Physical damage absorption +4% (+1,5%/lvl) Mammoth, Walrus
Precocious Gestation time -8% (-3%/lvl) Fish, Gene Splicer (Fish)
Reasonable Jealousy -8% (-3%/lvl) Gene Splicer (Lizard), Walrus
Resilient Condition resistance +16% (+6%/lvl) Crustacean, Gene Splicer (Walrus), Mantis
Resourceful Max PPs +8% (+3%/lvl) Gene Splicer (Hydra), Hydra
Retarded Gestation time +100%; Luck +16% (+6%/lvl) Raptor
Rocky Nature damage absorption +10, +8% (+3%/lvl); Thunder vulnerability +47,5% (-2,5%/lvl)
Shielded Physical parry +8% (+3%/lvl) Tortoise
Sickly Restores health -20%; Hunger -8% (-3%/lvl)
Slow Evade -20%; Physical damage absorption +8% (+3%/lvl) Walrus, Rhino Horn
Sterile Luck +8% (+3%/lvl)
Sturdy Physical damage absorption +8% (+3%/lvl) Gene Splicer (Tortoise), Tortoise
Tank Max HPs +8% (+3%/lvl) Gene Splicer (Mammoth), Mammoth
Thin Max HPs -10%; Hunger -8% (-3%/lvl)
Underpowered Duration -20%; Restores health +8% (+3%/lvl) Angel Wings, Hooves
Unlucky Luck -20%; Condition resistance +16% (+6%/lvl)
Unskilled Max PPs -20%; Bonuses duration +16% (+6%/lvl) Gorilla
Venomous Ignited, frozen, poisoned, electrocuted duration +16% (+6%/lvl) Gene Splicer (Spider), Hornet, Scorpion Tail, Spider
Void Dispel positive conditions +16% (+6%/lvl)
Voracious Hunger +50%; To hit +8% (+3%/lvl) Gorilla, Shark Fin, Wolf
Vulnerable Condition resistance -20%; Dispel negative conditions +16% (+6%/lvl)
Warrior Physical damage +4% (+1,5%/lvl); To hit +8% (+3%/lvl) Bristles, Crocodile, Gorilla
Weak Physical damage absorption -20%; Elemental damage +8% (+3%/lvl)
Wrestler Shackles duration +16% (+6%/lvl) Gene Splicer (Owlbear)

Retirering a critter at maximum level grants you a gene splicer. It can be used to give a trait to one of your critters. The kind of trait depends on the species of the critter retired.

Traits from experienced creatures
Creature Trait
Bird Lucky
Fish Precocious
Lizard Reasonable
Moth Ephemeral
Wolf Ogrish
Crustacean Hexer
Owlbear Wrestler
Raptor Holy
Spider Venomous
Toad Fertile
Calamari Conjurer
Crocodile Dispeler
Hornet Accurate
Mammoth Tank
Walrus Resilient
Dragon Long-lived
Gorilla Bruiser
Hydra Resourceful
Mantis Agile
Tortoise Sturdy

There table below lists the minimum critter level required to raise a trait to the given rank

Trait Rank Level Requirements
Trait Rank Min Critter Level
1-5 1
6 5
7 10
8 15
9 20
10 30
11 40
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