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Swords & Potions is all about managing your very own fantasy items shop.

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NOTE-There is only one problem with making pages for this game, and that is that the items and other things overlap with Sorcery Quest.Pages may needeed to be labeled to show differences. ex: Toy Sword(Sorcery Quest/SQ) or Toy Sword(Swords&Potions/S&P)


Swords & Potions is a merchandising and manufacturing game set within a fantasy-medieval genre. The game begins with a royal decree inviting players to take on the role of a merchant. Players are granted a shop with their choice of first merchant type: Sorcerer, Tailor, Blacksmith, or Carpenter. New merchants begin with an in-game tutorial.



When you begin, four different craftsmen will come into your shop to apply for a job. There is a Blacksmith, Sorcereress, Tailor, and Carpenter. You just choose one. Refer to Craftsmen.

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