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Monsters are entities that are not controlled by Players. Like player-controlled parties, they travel in groups. Monsters have Skills just like the Characters, and they are controlled by Automatas.

Players will have many opportunities to encounter and fight most monsters (usually multiple times) as they venture through the mazes/dungeons. There are two notable exceptions:

  • Quest boss monsters - some of these include the Boss Lapia, Boss Gerbip, Mega Cacti, Admiral Eagle, Titan and the Cold Mistress. They can only be killed once within the game, and they only drop specific items required to complete a quest. These monsters are also considerably stronger than the normal monsters you find in dungeons.
  • Boss monsters - some of these include the Boss Mushrhum, Green Dragon and Red Dragon and Blue Dragon Be warned, they are considerably stronger than the other monsters found in the dungeon. However with great risk comes great reward. Upon defeating a boss monster, you are rewarded with a treasure chest with rare loot inside.

Note: after killing a boss monster, the player can revisit and challenge it again. but after every victory the challenger must wait 72 hours before another attempt. If the player dies he/she does not have to wait 72 hours before re-challenging the boss.

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