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Card Monster up-date

Wed Sep 17 14:01:02 2014 - The following changes were made:
- Show progress for achievements
- Added wave 7 achievements for Umbral Vortex and Dragon Apocalypse
- Lowered number of duels for last two Duelist achiev... Read Article

Bug fixes!

Sun Sep 14 02:30:36 2014 - - Chat is now live for all non-guest users (yay!)
- Appeal progress bar more detailed: you know where you stand
- Counting bug on up-grades fixed and achievement Builder 7 to 10 easier to unlo... Read Article

Unexpected Server Shutdown

Tue Sep 9 18:29:01 2014 - We encountered a few issues while performing a system update on our servers. All the games except Sorcery Quest should now be running. We are currently working on fixing Sorcery Quest. Sorry for the i... Read Article

Game Update on Swords & Portions 2

Tue Sep 2 13:17:00 2014 - The servers will be shut down today for a short period of time to allow for a game update.

The following changes will be made:

  • Bring back the 10 000 golds contribution for city imp... Read Article

    We are back in the game

    Mon Sep 1 02:18:11 2014 - We are happy to announce that EdgeBee is out of its coma and is now dedicating all its energy to improving and creating new content for Swords & Potions II and Card Monsters.

    In clear: we will ... Read Article

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