Shipwrecked on a strange island, you must find your way out.
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Design and customize a unique shop and sell the best items in the kingdom!
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Try to become the most successfull merchant by running your own item shop in the...
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Breed the best monster and rise to the top!
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Create a group of adventurers and embark on a fantastic journey where you will f...
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Warning - Servers will be down later today

Sun Feb 22 15:52:53 2015 - Our supplier has warned us that our main server is in jeopardy. We spent the last few days setting up a new server for our games. The transfer will be made this afternoon (EST). We do not know how lon... Read Article

King Konrad ’s Tournament

Mon Nov 10 01:16:49 2014 - With over a thousand cities kompeting, King Konrad the Konqueror was rather pleased with the first Tournament and decided to make it a habit in the kingdom.
Send the best kustomers and best equipme... Read Article

Emergency server maintenance

Tue Oct 28 15:47:25 2014 - An emergency maintenance was just perform to stabilize the servers. Everything should be back to normal. Let us know otherwise.
//DD... Read Article

PvP 2.0 - Heads up!

Sat Oct 11 17:33:53 2014 - We will publishing an up-date to transition to PvP 2.0 on Sunday morning (NYC time). You won't be able to start new wars and the new PvP system and wars will start 24 hours later, automatically.
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Oct. 5 & 6 update, Swords & potions2

Tue Oct 7 00:06:52 2014 - Oct 5
- Optimized graphic that load faster
- Anna the hunter is now max lvl 14 (bf max 12)
Oct 6
- News and promotion will be up shown once every 12 hours (bf every 30 minutes).
- The g... Read Article

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